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*Title and year filmed: Palindromes, 2004
*Directed and written by Todd Solondz
*Rating (if any)
*Language: English
*Contains: pedo, obese black women pretending to be little white girls, abortion clinic bombing
*Short synapse: Well, the synopsis on the site below is total BS that doesn't address shit. Although I did learn that apparently the director spent his life savings on it, lol. Apparently it was a sequel to some other thing he made, never heard of it though. Here's what it is, since I saw it:
The synopsis is it's this really weird movie about a little girl, except she's played by a bunch of different actresses of varying ages and racethnicities. Reflecting the crap the media drills into little girl's heads with their selling dolls that pee, the girl becomes obsessed with becoming a mother as the only thing giving her value in life, and tries to become pregnant lots by whatever means possible.
*Your personal feelings/thoughts on this movie: It kind of creeped me out, and was very confusing trying to follow until I figured out that all the girls were playing one character. It dealt with some interesting issues in a combination and tone most other films don't. One part actually made a good point, with the fatalist at the party, you'd have to see it to get it.
*Links: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0362004/

Oh, and the movie Transamerica is also pretty weird, but most ppl know about that so I won't post it. I've read the Venus Envy comic so I was already a little familiar with the topic, but it would have been way weirder for most people.
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