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Cannibal Holocaust

*Title and year filmed: Cannibal Holocaust; released in 1985.
*Director: Ruggero Deodato
*Rating (if any): IMDB didn't have a rating, but it is banned in a number of countries.
*Language: English.
*Contains:  Rape, six real animal killings, extreme torture, cannibalism, very realistic gore
*Short synapse: Four young adult documentary makers go to the Amazon jungle to film the tribes living there.  When they haven't returned for two months,a famous anthropologist goes to look for them and recovers their cans of film.  This movie is filmed in the same way The Blair Witch Project was, so it has a very realistic feel to it.  The director had to prove in court that the footage wasn't real.
*Your personal feelings/thoughts on this movie: A fan of exploitation films myself, I find cannibal films, especially this one, the hardest to watch.  The animal killings are very hard to get through, as are the realistic, cruel methods of "survival of the fittest" torture bestowed upon the tribes people.  I was stunned by this movie for quite a bit after I watched it.  I have only seen this movie once, and definitely plan to keep it that way.
*Links: You can watch it here!:

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