Tiffany (regretfulsmile) wrote in fucked_up_films,

The Other (1972)

*Title and year filmed - The Other {1972}
*Director - Robert Mulligan
*Rating (if any) - Maybe I'm blind but I couldn't find it on IMDB
*Language - English
*Contains - Violence, intense scenes
*Short synapse - There are two twin boys probably around 10. One dies. The other who I guess can't get over his brother's death starts imagining that he sees his brother. His grandmother feeling bad that the kid's brother died pretends the boy never died and pretends she sees him too. The kid apparently has no memory of his brother being dead so he think's he is alive and then goes onto do horrible things like kill people while blaming his brother, who is dead.
*Your personal feelings/thoughts on this movie - Its a tad longish boring but the killings are crazy. He even kills a baby girl! Its horrible and shows the end result of it. It's hard to watch and throughtout the movie I was disappointed.
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