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*Title and year filmed: Twentynine Palms
*Director: Bruno Dumont
*Rating (if any): N/A
*Language: French
*Contains: assrape, emotionless fucking, shouting matches
*Short synopsis: Repeat 3 (4, maybe?) times: The two main characters stop to eat, fuck in their hotel room, and then promptly argue about something. Then, as they're driving through the desert, a truck pulls up behind them, smashing into them. A few people get out, rape the man in the ass, and (evidently, I don't quite recall) piss on things.
*Your personal feelings/thoughts on this movie: I don't remember this movie very well, because I watched it the day after a friend of mine was raped, then her rapist had a mental breakdown and wrote on the walls with his blood. I would probably have been a lot more disturbed by it watching it any other time.
*Links: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0315110/ http://wc04.allmovie.com/cg/avg.dll?p=avg&sql=1:291161
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